Texas Ticket Dismissal with
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Dismissing Your texas ticket doesn't get any easier than this!

Like the Name Says...

100% online let's you choose when and where you take your course.

Choose How You Want to Take It

Take the course on any internet enabled device, even your phone!

Read Less, Watch More

With our course you'll watch more material than you'll read.

Learn More

No Test Anxiety

Every unit ends with a review video and an easy 10-question quiz.

Work When You Want

Come and go as you please and make the course fit your busy life.

When we say $25, we ain't foolin'!

$25 gets you your course, completion certificate and first-class USPS delivery.

Approved for Texas

Our course is offered in partnership with ApprovedCourse.com Defensive Driving, TDLR/TEA #CP280. This course has helped thousands of Texans kiss their tickets goodbye.

Get Your Certified Driving Record

Chances are your court wants a Type 3A copy of your driving record along with your certificate of course completion. We can get that for you and ship it with your certificate.

100% Video Course Available

If you'd rather not read any of the state required material, choose our new video course. It's like dismissing a ticket by watching TV. It really couldn't be any easier!

Defensive Driving in texas How it works

Keep your record clean with defensive driving!

It doesn't have to be a chore

We know what you're thinking. Getting a ticket was enough of a beating, and now I have to do this? We feel you, mostly because we've had to take a course like this a time or two ourselves. That's why we have worked as hard as we can to soften the blow of that beating by providing a course that is not just informative, but engaging and entertaining as well.

If It Please the Court...

The instructions you received from the court probably made a big deal about making sure to choose a TEA/TDLR approved defensive driving course. Have no fear, our course meets every state requirement so that you can get your state requirement done, too.

Time Get away from you?

It's amazing how fast 90 days can fly by when you are doing things like going to work, running your household or, you know, having a life. If you need your completion certificate faster than your mailman can get it to you, simply choose one of our affordable expedited delivery methods, including a printable certificate option that will get yours to you as soon as you finish your course.

Cut your insurance costs

Did you know that taking a defensive driving course can save you money on your car insurance? Talk to your insurance agent about how you might qualify for a "safe driver" discount just for taking defensive driving. We'll send you completion certificates for both the court and your insurance company. You might even make money from this little double dip!

is there any reason to wait?

When you were a kid, you probably had to eat your veggies before you could have dessert or finish your homework before you could go out and play. Getting defensive driving behind you is even better than eating an ice cream cone in the sunshine, but you'll never know unless you get started!

defensive Driving FAQ's

Because not everyone takes defensive driving every day.

Yikes, it's day 87! Is it too late for me?

We know that due date can sneak up on you, so we're here to help. We process certificates every day and if a course is completed by 3PM, it will be out the door that same day. Your mailman not known for being a speed demon? You can choose overnight or two-day delivery for a few dollars more.

Why does the court want a copy of my driving record?

Drivers in Texas can dismiss a ticket with a defensive driving course once every 12 months and a driving record will show the court that you're not trying to pull a fast one, you sly dog. If you need help in getting your Type 3A record, we can get it for you and deliver it with your certificate, or email it if you need it sooner.

$25 seems pretty cheap. Can I expect any "surprises?"

Nope, $25 bucks means $25 bucks and with that low price you get you course, completion certificate and standard USPS delivery. We think that policeman showing up at your back bumper was surprise enough.

Grrrr...My wi-fi's down again!

Not to worry! Our autosave feature will take you right back to where you left off as soon as you can get back online. This feature is also a lifesaver in the event that it's your brain and not your broadband that's gone down!

I don't think my backside can take sitting at my computer for six hours.

With our course you can log in and out as often as you like so, if your tushie gets tired, take it for a walk and come back when you're ready. Bottom line? (see what I did there?) We'll save your place.

If I register for the course on one device, do I have to finish it there?

Our course can be taken on any internet connected device, and you are free to move from one to another at any time during your course. Besides, it's pretty tricky to drag your computer in line with you at the bank, and people tend to stare.

any special reason you're waiting?

Approved Defensive Driving Online